Service Parameters &
Service Level Agreements

Additionally, CyberPort Africa’s SOC gives users the
choice of a suitable Service Level Agreement (SLA),
which defines the following aspects of the service’s
temporal characteristics:
Tracking the availability of services
During this period, event detection and triage are provided by SOC analysts. 8×5 (normal business days) 24×7 (continuous)
Availability Of Incident Response Services
With confirmed occurrences, SOC incident responders provide remote assistance or, at your discretion, on-site support. 8 to 5 (weekdays) and 24 hours a day (continuous)
First Expert Verdict (FEV)
The interval between the possible incident being registered by the SOC technical systems and the initial triage being finished and an expert determination being made for the suspicious activity. This includes elements like the likelihood of an occurrence and its initial seriousness. This period of time can be customized but is contractually established at 60 minutes.
Time To Incident Response
The interval between the moment a possible event is found to need the use of incident response protocols and the start of the IR process with professional incident responders. This period of time can be customized and is contractually limited to 60 minutes.