Security products

SIEM – ArcSight, Splunk

Your SIEM (Security Information and event management) Solution needs to have the prowess of a military sniper for active, realtime and hyper positive detection of threats across the board; ensuring compliance with industry standard and providing super strength to your cybersecurity posture. Our SIEM Solution is positioned to ensure you stay well ahead of critical detection on internal and external threats 

File integrity monitoring – Extrahop

Having an essential layer of file, data, and application security in your cloud workload protection programme for File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is another step to being proactive in securing your cybersecurity posture. Your FIM software should scan, analyse and report on unexpected changes to important files in your cyber environment, detecting illicit activity, zeroing in on unintended changes, monitoring system health and verifying updates, including meeting compliance standards.  

Malware Protection – Heimdal & Carbon Black

If you’re going to use high base level protection on communications in your digital environment, then you will need Gartner reviewed and approved products that provide AI powered DNS and DoH protection – think of an external environment where employees might be working and link to a malware infected network. No more unexpected re-directs if browsing for research or work underlined by a patch management solution.  

Adaptive Persistent Threat – Heimdal

If you’ve observed specific targets on your network that’s staged over a long period of time, chances are that you’re dealing with APT or an Advanced Persistent Threat. High skilled level hackers are most likely looking for classified information, intellectual property, ongoing high value communications and personal databases. They will attack through varying stages of: initial compromise, establishing foothold, internal prospecting, lateral movement, maintaining presence, then finalizing the mission. Using a targeted privilege access management solution from our stable will provide you with the best defense.  

Messaging Security Gateway – Mimecast

Having essential added protection for your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspaces and managing complex environments is key with unlimited communication loops. 2022 is the year for record breaking volume of sophisticated cyberattacks with email as the primary target. Keep ahead in the cyber-attack race by installing a world class efficient AI powered tool with granular controls that’s customized to meet your needs and empowers end users.

Email Archiving – Mimecast

The IT Department have increasingly pressured challenges as the rate and pace of sophisticated cyberattacks increases. A low priority task is sometimes seen in email archiving though this be an important part of enterprise data retention practices. So, it’s only logical to install a secure and dynamically-scalable solution for archiving emails that simplifies email backup and fosters and environment of regulatory compliance. Our solution is the perfect fit for your demanding cyber environment.  

Large File Transfer – Mimecast

Third party consumer-grade file sharing services are often the fall back for employees in a corporate environment if the environment is too restrictive in sharing large files on email. This then leaves the door open for data leaks and causes concern on compliance and security. Archival support, discovery and retrieval are not available in third party environments causing more concern. You need built-in secure large file transfer services like our solution that is a cloud-based service for employees to send files of up to 2GB in size securely, directly from a Mimecast Mac app or Microsoft Outlook for Windows.  

Database Security - Extra Hop

Database performance monitoring considers all the malicious elements trying to wrestle control of your data from your grip. Don’t be fooled into only monitoring performance. Bad actors, runaway queries, and exhausted infrastructure are potential gateways to devastating threats. Our Database security monitoring intelligently auto-discovers all connected systems that are accessing your database. Hidden problems are diagnosed from visibility into the entire application stack. Deeper insights are available to take proactive steps in avoiding expensive capacity upgrades.  

Endpoint Backup – Acronis, Commvault, VEEAM

Working remotely is the new way of the corporate world in the 21st Century. The world of work will never be the same again and neither should your protection of end users’ devices and connections. Ensuring that your organisation transitions now to reduce critical human oversight or error is not negotiable. Get Endpoint Backup to automate scheduled backups of key folders without user intervention, prevent interruption of the local machine during the backup stage, and self-service recovery of files and folders from previous backups.  

Disaster Recovery – VMware SRM, VEEAM, Acronis

When disaster strikes, there isn’t time to ask if you have a backup or how to escalate the issue. The fix needs to happen elegantly, efficiently and with precision. Having the right disaster recovery solution will protect any workload, balance the speed of recovery in a cost-effective procedure while managing critical and sensitive data. IT resilience is found in cost-effective cloud storage combined with SaaS-based management providing faster recovery, minimized downtime, lower total cost of ownership and protection of your most sensitive workloads. Contact us today to find out how to achieve this immediately in your business.