Pixel 8 Pro becomes the first smartphone powered by Google’s new AI model, Gemini

The Pixel 8 Pro will now become the first Android smartphone to be powered by Google’s next-generation AI model, Gemini, starting today, the company announced. Gemini Nano, a version of the model designed for running on-device, as on smartphones, will now leverage Google’s Tensor G3 to deliver two Pixel 8 Pro features, Summarize in Recorder […]

Liquid AI, a new MIT spinoff, wants to build an entirely new type of AI

An MIT spinoff co-founded by robotics luminary Daniela Rus aims to build general-purpose AI systems powered by a relatively new type of AI model called a liquid neural network. The spinoff, aptly named Liquid AI, emerged from stealth this morning and announced that it’s raised $37.5 million — substantial for a two-stage seed round — […]

Google’s Gemini isn’t the generative AI model we expected

Google’s long-promised, next-gen generative AI model, Gemini, has arrived. Sort of. The version of Gemini launching this week, Gemini Pro, is essentially a lightweight offshoot of a more powerful, capable Gemini model set to arrive… sometime next year. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Yesterday in a virtual press briefing, members of the Google DeepMind […]

Google announces the Cloud TPU v5p, its most powerful AI accelerator yet

Google today announced the launch of its new Gemini large language model (LLM) and with that, the company also launched its new Cloud TPU v5p, an updated version of its Cloud TPU v5e, which launched into general availability earlier this year. A v5p pod consists of a total of 8,960 chips and is backed by […]

Creators, no-code, and how regular folks can build an online business

Hello friends, and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture-capital focused podcast where we explore the nuance and numbers behind the headline.  Today, we’re bringing you another conversation from TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, when I sat down with Serhii Bohoslovskyi, the founder of no-code app-builder Trible. Trible is a no-code software product that helps folks construct online courses.  […]

Millions of patient scans and health records spilling online thanks to decades-old protocol bug

Thousands of exposed servers are spilling the medical records and personal health information of millions of patients due to security weaknesses in a decades-old industry standard designed for storing and sharing medical images, researchers have warned. This standard, known as Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, or DICOM for short, is the internationally recognized format […]

Google’s AI chatbot Bard gets a big upgrade with Gemini, Google’s next-gen AI model

Google Bard, the company’s generative AI chatbot and ChatGPT rival, is getting am update today that the company claims will significantly enhance its capabilities. The company says Bard will now be powered by Gemini, Google’s newest and most advanced AI model, giving the chatbot more advanced reasoning, planning, understanding, and other capabilities. Gemini comes in […]

Seed founders should consider these factors before partnering with multistage funds

Masha Bucher Contributor Share on X Masha Bucher is the founder and general partner of Day One Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm that backs customer-focused startups and leads their communications. Right now, in late 2023, the IPO market is halted, and late-stage deals rarely happen because funds and entrepreneurs cannot find common ground on […]