AWS takes a hit in latest round of Amazon layoffs

When Amazon announced it was laying off another 9,000 employees today, AWS employees were not exempt with Amazon CEO (and former AWS CEO) Andy Jassy announcing the cloud division would be included into today’s round. TechCrunch is hearing that around 10% of today’s total came from AWS. The company would not confirm those numbers instead […]

Numbers Station raises $17.5M to bring AI to your data stack

When you think of foundation models and what they can accomplish, chances are you are thinking of text and image creation. Numbers Station, however, is taking these models in a very different direction. The startup, which is announcing a $17.5 million Series A round today, is using these models to build what the company calls […]

Announcing the TC Include Founders program at Disrupt 2023

We firmly believe that all founders must have access to the tech world’s immense opportunities — and to our events. The TechCrunch Include Founders program is designed to promote and increase diversity at our events by making them more affordable to historically underrepresented founders. Building more diversity at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 Eligible TC Include founders […]

Flagstar Bank to buy some Signature Bank assets, but not crypto operations

Flagstar Bank, a subsidiary of New York Community Bancorp, has signed a takeover agreement with U.S. regulators for some of Signature Bank’s assets and loans. Earlier this month, after Silicon Valley Bank’s customers all tried to withdraw their funds at the same time, Signature Bank was the second victim of a bank run. Both banks […]

For tech titans, AI prominence is the new measuring stick

For many tech companies, investors are applying a new valuation method that has caught our eye: AI proficiency. The current wave of AI hype has two main flavors that I’m interested in. First, the struggle between tech titans to create, or at least invest in and support, the latest and greatest in intelligent computing services. […]

Twitter testing government ID-based verification, new screenshots show

Twitter appears to be testing a new verification process for Twitter Blue subscribers that would involve submitting a government ID. Code-level insights reveal a process for sending in a photo of the user’s ID, both front and back, along with a selfie photo to verify their Twitter account. The feature is listed alongside others only […]

Podcast network Maximum Fun is becoming a worker-owned co-op

Maximum Fun owner Jesse Thorn is selling the podcast company that he founded almost twenty years ago. Rather than surrendering the network to a big tech company or media conglomerate, he is selling it back to its workers. Maximum Fun, best known for distributing hit shows like the McElroy family’s “My Brother, My Brother and […]

Berlin’s Monite raises $5M Seed for its embedded B2B payments platform

With turbulent economies, companies are looking for more revenue streams to survive, and one obvious way to increase revenues is to streamline costs. Given companies can often use both manual processing and sometimes even more than one external tool to manage B2B payments, this is an obvious area in which to improve efficiency. A good […]

As banks totter, crypto is busy racking up gains

Hello and welcome back to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is Alex and we are here to do our Monday show, a kickoff for the week that covers startup news, tech news and a little bit of the money that powers both. After […]