Automated Penetration

What We Offer

In order to reduce always-on and evolving exploits, CyberPort Africa employs automated penetration testing via our intelligent security validation system.

Security testers in traditional organizations operate as hackers to detect potential flaws in an organization’s system and network. However, security teams are constantly under attack, with cyber-criminals adopting machine learning to execute automated attacks. Our AI technology solution comes to the rescue by automating penetration testing and lowering the cost of security validation.

Cyberport’s intelligent technology solution continuously offers top-tier performance while supporting security testers in overcoming knowledge and experience hurdles. Automated penetration testing alleviates the current severe shortage of security personnel by replacing labor-intensive human testing.

Delegated responsibilities in your company

Our intelligent solution entirely automates the ethical hacking technique for a given task. When our solution connects to an organization’s IT environment, its AI technology instantly discovers all network assets and mines the target system utilizing the collective knowledge library of vulnerabilities. When it discovers a vulnerability, it starts an ethical attack against it by employing libraries and built-in hacking techniques. When the kill-chain operation is completed successfully, the vulnerability is validated.